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Coble & Associates is a well established licensed general contracting company based in Raleigh, NC. We provide professional home building and additions ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to full home renovations.

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Raleigh Bathroom Remodeling

Our bathroom remodeling services can give your home the look and feel of a spa, or simply update your look to something more modern. We do all types of custom work and provide you with clear communication and help with design and choosing materials.

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Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

In business over 16 years, we have completed hundreds of kitchen remodeling projects in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex and many other areas of NC. At Coble and Associates, LLC we pride ourselves on our proven ability to assist our customers in maximizing the space they have and adding value to their homes. We work as though we had to live there with you, with an emphasis on site cleanliness and effective communication between you and ourselves.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Are you contemplating the pros and cons of remodeling your bathroom? Perhaps the first change you will have to make when considering a bath renovation is a change in the way you think about the room itself. In Raleigh’s market, you need more than just the most value for your remodeling budget. You need form, function and the latest fashion. If you are going to part with your money, you want to elevate the bathroom from merely a utility room to a relaxing spa to get the most return on your dollar. Perhaps you’re thinking about indulging in fewer trips and plan to enjoy a stay-caution until the economy takes a more positive turn. In this case, you’re thinking your bathroom should be your personal sanctuary. So go deeper than your original budget allows so you can accomplish this goal. A well established and quality remodeling company will have home improvement loans for you. First, let’s double-check whether your bath needs remodeling. Take a look at your current outdated bathroom and answer these questions honestly:

  • Do you see blue, white, tan or outdated colored tiles and old fixtures?
  •  Is the total square footage less than 100 square feet?
  •  Is your favorite bathroom one you stayed in on vacation?
  • Do restaurant washrooms have better products, designs and fixtures than yours?
  •  Do find that many hotel bathrooms have a better layout than yours?
  •  Is your bathroom older than ten years old? Do you want to have a place to escape and relax in tranqulity?
  • Do you look at designer TV shows and find yourself wanting that bathroom you see?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, be assured that you need a bath remodeling. Sure, you can wait for real estate market and the economy to make a magical recovery, but in the meantime, your investment dollars are literally going down the drain. We are already seeing inflation hitting every sector in this nation. This means prices will go up and it is going to cost you a lot more to wait. Resale value has to be a consideration If you are going to be selling your home, look at your bathroom through the eyes of prospective buyers. You may be looking at a working couple, in which case a retreat becomes most important. At the end of a hard, stressful day, bathrooms are all about escape. You can’t lock the kitchen, but you can lock the bathroom door. Serenity is the goal. What is important to you in this bathroom remodel? If you are planning to stay in your house for a definite amount of time, the focus shifts to you. A quick fix is short-lived and probably lacks the quality for the long term. Next to the kitchen, this room gets the most daily use. It is an opportunity to do something for you. So don’t hold back your dreams on budget, escape in your ideas and make it happen.

Life is short, learn to relax and have a place to do it.

Bathroom Remodeling Benefits

A personal haven to escape Shiny, New and beautiful! Remodeled! Refurbished! Functionality…Cool Designer looking….Wow Soothing colors and room to relax…Ahhh Storage places so things are organized...Nice Remember, it’s all about You!

Bathroom Remodeling Must Have Features

It’s time to take the plunge. Here are a few ways to make your space more rewarding for yourself today and a good investment for tomorrow.

  • WATER WORLD Every key feature in the bathroom is based on water. It’s clean, it’s refreshing and it sounds hypnotic. The more ways you can find to soothe your senses with water the more wonderful you bath world will be. It might be a soaking tub. Perhaps a two-person shower with body sprays. Regardless, plan for water features that salve your spirit.
  • READING ROOM Your perfect relaxation may involve reading. Make sure your bath retreat can accommodate an armchair, loveseat or ottoman. This simple consideration will mean that your bathroom moves from mere utility to retreat.
  • PERSONAL SPA Plan to take your remodeled bathroom to the next level, it might actually involve re-creating one or more features of a spa you have been to. Remember the tranquility you felt and what it was that made you feel so pampered. Was it a special tub or a shower with multiple settings and jets? Perhaps it’s a simple as including a beverage fridge or the perfectly placed flat screen television….Awesome!
  • SOUND and LIGHT Of course, we all know how the proper lighting can change the mood of a room. Dimmers are a Must-Have. It is also a good idea to consider sconces, table lamps or the perfect floor lamp. Finish up with piped in music at the touch of a fingertip and your getaway is complete.
  • FUNCTIONALITY Remember the things you want to have in your new bathroom remodel, like a seat in the shower. Better cabinets to upgrade the look and store the items you need. A tank less hot water heater so you will not run out of hot water with those body sprays and water jets. Your perfect personal bathroom remodel can range from simple updates to detailed reconstruction. It`s a remodel that enjoys one of the highest returns on your investment. The win-win is that it also provides you with the highest personal rejuvenation.Call us today to get some help with your Raleigh bathroom remodeling project.