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Raleigh Attic Remodeling

Attic remodeling will give your home more livable square footage and adds instant value.

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Attic Remodeling Contractor

As many homes in the Raleigh area began being built with unfinished attics over the last several years, we are working on many more attic remodeling jobs these days. Our clients are finding creative uses for this space, whether it be an extra bedroom, a playroom, a home office or even a "man cave". .

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Raleigh Attic Remodeling

What do you want from your unfinished Raleigh attic remodeling project? You are probably going through your options and exploring what you need to give your family enough space.

You may be considering:

1. Creating A New Family Room

2. Add a Extra Bedroom

3. Have A Quiet Home Office

4. Build A Theater Room

5. Design A Game Room

6. Have An Art studio

7. Build A "Man Cave"

The good news is you don’t have to add on to your home to get the space you need. There’s a good chance you already have space that would meet your needs.
Your attic could provide the additional space.

Like the basement, the attic is often neglected in home remodels. In old movies, attics are devoted to placing sheets over furniture and family heirlooms. Today’s attics still tend to accumulate a variety of items that can’t quite find a home in the main part of a home: old hats, boxes of clothes, and cheerleading or football trophies. Get started on your home remodel – convert your attic to usable space! Sort out those accumulations and donate the trophies for reuse by charity. Share or wear those vintage hats and clothes. What are you left with? You now have a blank slate of a room that may just be your new favorite place. Consider how to use this space. What do you need in your home? Who would use the room? A lot of homeowners remodel their homes to add office space, painting studios, or craft rooms to the attic. The ability to add skylights allows you to have a bright workspace. New dormers will allow additional light and increase the feeling of openness.

Attics are perfect for additional sleeping space. Whether for frequent guests or for a child who wants his or her own room, attics offer unique design opportunities. You can see here an attic conversion which not only includes a built-in closet, but built-in drawers on either side of the closet. This saves floor space and contributes to an open design. Exposed beams, necessary for structural support, can also become a design element. A home remodel is a chance to create versatile space out of previously neglected parts of the home. Are you ready to get more space in your home? Our remodeling and design specialists are ready to help. Call us now. 919-422-2442.