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Coble & Associates is a well established licensed general contracting company based in Raleigh, NC. We provide professional home building and additions ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to full home renovations.

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Raleigh Room Additions

Coble & Associates is your solution for creative and affordable Raleigh Room Additions. We know NC Building codes which gives you great access to information most homeowners need when trying to decide whether or not they can add on.

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Room Addition Contractor

Room additions are a great solution for providing additional living space to your home, if your family is growing, a room for your hobbies or just an area you want in your house plan. Raleigh room additions costs are also comparatively low compared to selling your existing home and moving to a new and larger home. Room additions, versus buying existing larger homes, also offer the opportunity to be creative and to customize future living space.

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Raleigh Room Additions

Room additions are not unlike building an entirely new home, particularly if the room addition includes a kitchen and/or bathroom. Most, if not all of the standard trades that are required in building a new home are also necessary for building a room addition. With room additions, you can aesthetically determine where the room addition ties into the existing home and select all of the exterior and interior finished materials. Before jumping into a building a room addition it is import to first look at your property’s plot plan to see what your options are for adding on a home addition. When looking at the plot plans look for the following key items:

  1. Property setback requirements (Sometimes they are on the plot plan, and other times you may need to see your town building inspecting or zoning board).
  2. Well Location (If you have an artesian well) Septic Tank and Leach Field, Drainage or Utility easements, Underground utilities
  3. Swimming pool set backs
  4. Power company easement
  5. Trees

Pay particular close attention to the side, or sides of the home where you want to add a room addition. You may also want to take a few pictures of this area to help you during the sketching and planning stages of your room addition project. In the Raleigh area, a rule of thumb is you will need ten feet to set back your building from your property lines or items.

Raleigh Room Additions and Financing

Unless you are planning to pay cash for your room addition, then you will need to seek a bank loan. It is important to find out in advance of breaking ground what your budget is for your room addition. Your budget will help determine the size of your room addition and the types of building materials you will use. In addition, it may help you decide on how much sweat equity you will personally put into the project.

Talk with a Local Real Estate Agent about Building a Room Addition

When planning a room addition it is always important to understand its return on investment potential. Consequently it is wise to understand how building a room addition will impact the value of your home. The room addition type and size can be a major factor in setting the future value of your enlarged home, and bigger is not always better. Talk with a local real estate agent about your room addition ideas and plans to see if they are in line with market trends for your neighborhood.

Developing Room Addition Construction Plans

When developing your room addition plans, sketch out the dimensions of the room addition and how it will tie into your existing home. Also include a separate list of materials to be used in the construction. For obtaining a building permit your drawings should show cross-sectional views of the room addition so that the building inspector can understand what material will be used and how they will be tied together. The cross-sectional views should include from the concrete footing pads all the way to the roof.One of the most difficult aspects of developing a set of room addition plans is tying the room addition into the existing home in an aesthetically attractive way. It is also aesthetically important to develop a room addition design that does not swamp the existing home.

Raleigh Room Additions and Hiring a General Contractor

With room addition plans in hand you can then begin the process of finding a general contractor and/or subcontractors. Selecting the right room addition contractor(s) is one of the most important decisions you need to make. It is very important to find the right one(s) to ensure your room addition is built correctly and to your time-line and budget. Not all general contractors are good at room additions. Contact neighbors and friends, check on line, and look in the phone book for potential contractors. The online sites a homeowner looks for are not always a great idea. These are paid listings and are not the most recommended contractors in the area. You are not aware of it because all you do is simply fill out a free online form for your specific room addition needs and they will forward your information on to 3 or 4 local contractors in your area. Look for contractors who have nice websites and the great information provided on them.

Room Additions and Obtaining Contractor Quotes

When obtaining room addition contractor quotes it is important to make sure that they provide you with a complete room addition cost breakdown list of every phase of the project. The more detail in the room addition cost breakdown list, or bid sheet, the more likely of an accurate room addition cost proposal. When interviewing potential room addition contractors make sure you check their references. Usually a good litmus test for evaluating a home addition building contractor is to see how long the reference list is. Regardless of the length of the reference list, it is still important to contact at least 2 of the references. Contact a couple of more recent projects completed by the contractor and a couple 2-5 years out in the past. This way you can see how he has been trending with his work, as well as to see how the quality of his work has been holding out. Finally, it is also important to note that Raleigh room addition construction costs are typically higher than building a new home. The reason for this is that room additions require additional effort to tie them into the home properly. In addition, a new home construction project offers economies of scale. With room additions, you may be adding only a few hundred square feet of area, whereas with a new home construction project you may be building 2,000 to 4,000 square feet of living area. So by planning properly, talking with town and real estate professionals, and hiring an excellent building contractor you can increase the likelihood of a successful Raleigh room addition building project.