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Coble & Associates is a well established licensed general contracting company based in Raleigh, NC. We provide professional home building and additions ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to full home renovations.

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Raleigh Screened Porches

Coble & Associates is your solution for creative and affordable Raleigh Room Additions. We know NC Building codes which gives you great access to information most homeowners need when trying to decide whether or not they can add on.

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Screened Porches

With the lovely weather we enjoy here in the area during much of the year there is nothing better than having a screened porch on your home. We have built or renovated dozens of screened porches in the Raleigh area. Almost every client speaks of how much time they spend as a family on the porch. Many people are installing flat screens and customizing their features. Another popular trend in the area are double-sided outdoor fireplaces that provide heat to both the screened porch occupants and guests enjoying the patio.

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Screened Porche Experts

Those who own a house in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake forest and Chapel hill, NC generally have an outdoor screened porch or deck and patio area attached to it. For those who use this area as an outdoor living space, the foremost thoughts on their minds is to figure out how best to make it as comfortable and interesting as possible. There are multiple things that people can add to their outdoor living area that will give it the look of an extra living room. All you have to do for this purpose is to resort to some careful thinking. We at Coble and Associates are trained to help create that outdoor living area for you. Our Raleigh Screened Porches serve the purpose of a covered entrance where you, your guests and other visitors can pause at ease before entering your house. There are porches which come enclosed with screens, with broad windows and latticework, or simply light frame walls. In short, this cozy outdoor space provides a warm welcome to anyone coming to your house. It not only serves as a place for relaxation but also adds amazing appeal and value to your house.: